Only 12 1/2 Km from the coast of Maine, Grand Manan Island, Canada is a spectacular get-a-way!

Swallowtail Light and the Ferry Grand Manan is known as the "punctuation mark" at the end of the Canada/U.S. border.  It is the most southerly part of New Brunswick, lying 12.5 km due East of West Quoddy Head, Maine. 

The Island of Grand Manan, largest of 20 local islands is 24km in length and about 11km wide. It has a year round population of 2700 residents.

The island is famous for bird watching, whale watching, unmatched hiking and fishing.  The main industries on the island are fishing and tourism.

The ferry chugging by Swallow Tail Lighthouse and into North Head
Grand Manan may be "Away from it All", but it does not lack the amenities.  There are many wonderful restaurants, like the Compass Rose. Museums, specialty stores and cozy B&Bs are found up and down the coast.  You can get your provisions right on island, so there is no need to carry a lot of luggage. 

By air, it is only a 1 1/4 hour flight from Boston and there is an air charter service available on the Island.

Seal Cove, Grand Manan Island
Herring Buildings highlight the harbor in the picturesque village of Seal Cove.
Puffins are a local favorite You don't  have to be a bird watcher to enjoy the incredible array of bird life thriving on Grand Manan.  

However, if you are an avid birdwatcher -  get ready for the experience of a lifetime.  An incredible array of shorebirds, loon, owls, ducks, song birds, woodland dwellers and hawks.  Grand Manan is also known for sightings of rare species like the Least Bittern. 

Cute and comical Puffins are a common site on nearby Machias Seal Island
The geology of Grand Manan is one of its most breathtaking features.  A variety of eras and phenomena are clearly represented. 

The eastern side of the island (designated as "pre-Acadian -380,000,000 years old!) is relatively low and features rocky shoreline, interesting erratic outcrops and gentle harbors.

The back of the island (western) is a precipitous wall of rock affording awesome vistas.  The cliff at Southwest Head is really one big sill, 200 feet thick.

Hole in the Wall washed out by the sea over time
Incredible geologic formations dot the rugged Grand Manan Coast.  This formation is known as "Hole in the Wall".

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